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Without a doubt the biggest advantage of trading at XTrade is the fact that they offer so many markets. The leverage 1:400. Begin trading with as little as $100 and receive the effect of $40,000 which, of course, is very powerful. This means anyone can take advantage of the global markets from one place and in the comfort of their own environment. Easy, fast and effective.


With the convenience that XTrade have to offer, there are very few disadvantages – if any. There are no commissions, therefore Fixed Spreads which traders will find very helpful and easy.


XTrade is a brokerage firm that allows the traders to get involved in not only the currency markets, but various CFDs markets as well. Examples include trading Gold to the DAX CFDs. There are plenty of trading tools, promotions, and information on the website that allow the trader to take advantage of these various conditions. Always someone at the end of the phone to contact in case of further information needed!

Trading Platform

“Our own award winning trading platform, developed by forex professionals. Get the edge with a fully flexible, specialised shares trading service.
Contract for difference (CFDs) offers you the benefits of trading shares. Take advantage of market opportunities, with only a margin deposit on the actual shares. Easy applications that can be used by mobile, desktop and tablets. No download necessary! ”


This brokerage firm provides a vast choice of markets to select from such as Forex, Indices, Shares and Commodities. It is also very user friendly especially for new traders. It offers  plenty of information on the site, has generous leverage and a 24 hour customer service. A great feature of XTrade is that the deposit bonuses are very strong.

Bitcoin Trading


Customer Service

There is live support offered at the website, as well as toll-free numbers that traders can use in order to get a hold of their personal representative. There are plenty of languages offered as well. One of the strong point is the fact that Xtrade provides great customer service.


XTrade’s online trading platform offers flexibility and speed to trade anytime and anywhere — including markets in the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Additional tools give its market traders a wealth of information and help them to realise their profit potential.

Closing Thoughts

We believe that this brokerage firm is one of the stronger candidates out there as it allows you to trade Forex, Commodities, Shares and Indices, through their CFD platform. They offer amazing bonuses which are very generous. Ultimately, this is a very interesting broker that can open up the world of trading to all of you.

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