Zebpay Announces New Features on Its Android App

The leading Indian mobile bitcoin platform, Zebpay has today introduced a set of new features on its mobile application. Currently available only on Android platform, the new features allow users to set future buy and sell orders on the application.

Zebpay is the first Indian mobile only bitcoin platform available on Android and iOS platforms. So, far the feature rich platform has been offering its bitcoin wallet service along with an option to pay their postpaid mobile phone bills, recharge prepaid phone credits, exchange bitcoin for INR and vice versa. Zebpay also allows its users to buy prepaid gift cards for leading e-commerce, event ticketing and food platforms in the country with bitcoin.

According to the company’s press release, Zebpay has registered tremendous growth in the past 6 months. With over 25000 installs and crossing INR 20 crores turnover. With the new set of features, the company intends to attract the most serious users who are in tested in trading by leveraging upon the volatility of bitcoin prices. These new features allow Zebpay users to do the following:

Users can now choose to maintain their fiat balance alongside bitcoin balance in their Zebpay accounts. These balances can be used directly to buy or sell bitcoin instantly. The future trade option allows users set bid and ask prices of their choice. These orders will be executed once a matching offer is found. The future trade option allows users to decide the value they wish to get out of their bitcoin and fiat assets. Users will now be able to access blockchain transaction ids of their bitcoin transactions. This will help users track the status of their transactions. Earlier, it was not possible to access the transaction id on Zebpay, leading to people enquiring about their transaction status by calling the customer care.

Zebpay has come a long way since its inception. We believe that the company has few more surprises in the works which will be revealed soon.

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