FortuneJack Bitcoin Casino Review


FortuneJack is not only a bitcoin casino, but also a live cryptocurrency casino that offers its users the ability to play a range of traditional casino games using bitcoin and some altcoins. Formed in 2014, the company has a team of management and support staff that have more than 20 years’ experience in the gambling industry, with a work history that includes encompassing eastern Europe’s leading casinos – both brick and mortar and online.

Website and Platform

Upon initial loading, this amazing bitcoin casino platform looks engaging and intuitive. From the home page, a user can see total jackpot and total wagered figures, as well as see a string of recent winners and testimonials from other players. Clicking through to a specific game takes a player through to an account-opening page, and once an account is activated, a player can access the game in question and – once again – interact with the platform in an intuitive and easy to follow fashion.

Games available

As mentioned, this bitcoin casino offers a wide range of traditional and non-traditional casino games, with the total number exceeding 10. These games include bingo, live roulette (across a range of live wheels), slots, video poker, dice, blackjack as well as a range of binary trading and less traditional casino games.


Support across this bitcoin casino is split into two primary sections. The first is a game rules section, in which a user can gain access to detailed instructions of how to play each game, both as far as rules are concerned and also how to interact with the platform. The second is an actual operational support system, through which a user can contact the company via live email or a web-based support form. The support system is available 24 seven.


FortuneJack bitcoin casino offers a range of promotions both to new and existing clients. A loyalty program is in place, through which users that frequent the FortuneJack platform can earn BTC as they play. The amount earned varies depending on total spend and frequency of spending. In addition, a new player can earn a 100% welcome bonus on their first deposit – with a bonus limit of one BTC. Further, the company offers weekly promotions to its most prolific players – rewarding them for time spent on the platform.


Something that sets the company aside from its competitors – and something that here at newsBTC we have heard complaints about time and time again – is fairness. FortuneJack operates a provably fair system, through which – using a secret number disclosed unchanged for every round in every game – users are able to see how outcomes are based on gamblers import and in turn, verify the game’s fairness.


All said, FortuneJack looks to be one of the most reliable, fair and simple to use digital currency casinos around. Its intuitive platform, wide range of playable games, proven fairness and round-the-clock support lead us to recommend this company highly to our users.

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