Exbino Review

Website: www.exbino.com

Country: Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory

Min. Deposit: €200

Founded: 2011

US Clients: Yes

The Owner: Exclusive Ltd.



eXbino has been in the binary options market for quite a long time and currently is counted among one of the most reliable online trading brokers in the European market. The company, which is legally regulated by the CySec financial supervision commission, is known for number of reasons, the primary being its ability to offer some of the best returns on option trading (up to 85 percent). Another thing for which eXbino is famous is its support of the Polish language, a thing which is considered very rare through European traders’ perspective.

But as we dwelled into the features and services offered by eXbino, we found the aforesaid services only to be the cherries on the top. In reality, a trader has a lot to benefit from eXbino. In this review, we will be putting light on some of these advantages.

eXbino is a brand launched in 2011 by Exclusive Ltd, a binary options tycoon. It has built an excellent reputation among online traders throughout those years, with its flawless payouts history and superior customer care. Fully regulated, it is praised by investors and respected by competitors, eXbino is a safe bet both for new and experienced traders.

Trading Platform

The platform is run on extremely stable and reliable software, ensuring the highest quality among binary option brands. eXbino provides a vast variety of easy-to-use investing tools, including a top-notch Professional Chart, that allows users to analyse the market, along with different chart types and multiple indicators (MA, RSI, MACD and many, many others). The quotes are delivered by
the Thomson Reuters. Profits may reach 90% on standard options and an amazing 350% on High Yield options.

The platform features over 90 assets (stocks, indices, currencies, commodities) with a wide range of trading tools like regular binaries (High/Low), short terms (even 30 seconds), One Touch (Touch/No Touch and High Yield), Boundaries (regular and High Yield) and Forex.

A major reason why eXbino manages to impress every trader is its simple and intuitive trading platform. There would be no doubt in saying that the company’s trading platform is fun and fast to trade on. Almost all activities take place on the same page, where traders are allowed to navigate through around 137 assets (including stocks, currencies, indices and commodities), place positions, select timeframes, and get updates on possible payouts, trading alerts, etc.

eXbino trading platform supports diverse kinds of binary option trading strategies, including the traditional high/low, as well as the modern above/below options. The broker also features One Touch, Boundary and Short-Term trading options as well. The availability of the said trading strategies make sure that traders get to trade according to their most comfortable styles.

The eXbino trading platform is 100% web-based and features some of the best liquidity options we have ever seen in the industry.


Account Types

eXbino offers five types of binary options trading accounts. They are: Standard. Trader, VIP, VIP Plus and VIP+Forex. We noticed how eXbino strives to offer accounts with some of the best low margins, thereby enabling even small traders to enjoy the benefits of their services and features.

We have listed the features of each and every eXbino account type as follows:


Standard Account

Minimum Deposit Account: 200 EUR

Bonus: 50 EUR

Additional Investment Return: 0

Free Account Maintenance

Free Withdrawal per month: 1

Training Add-Ons: Full How to Use Platform Training

Additional Gifts: N/A


Trader Account

Minimum Deposit Account: 1000 EUR

Bonus: 500 EUR

Additional Investment Return: 2 percent

Free Account Maintenance

Free Withdrawal per month: 2

Training Add-Ons: Standard + investing strategies

Additional Gifts: N/A



Minimum Deposit Account: 2500 EUR

Bonus: 2500 EUR

Additional Investment Return: 3%

Free Account Maintenance

Free Withdrawal per month: 3

Training Add-Ons: Trader + unlimited consulting + Additional materials

Additional Gifts: iPad Air 16 GB / iPhone 5S 16 GB


VIP Plus

Minimum Deposit Account: 5000 EUR

Bonus: 2500 EUR

Additional Investment Return: 4%

Free Account Maintenance

Free Withdrawal per month: Unlimited

Training Add-Ons: Trader + unlimited consulting + Additional materials

Additional Gifts: iPad Air 32 GB Cellular / iPhone 6 64 GB



Minimum Deposit Account: 10000 EUR

Bonus: 2500 EUR

Additional Investment Return: 5%

Free Account Maintenance

Free Withdrawal per month: Unlimited

Training Add-Ons: Trader + unlimited consulting + Additional materials

Additional Gifts: MacBook Air 13”

Each account type comes with free education materials.


Customer Support

eXbino has an unusual yet attractive customer support system. A trader gets to search his queries on a predefined FAQ page which, in our case, is pretty handy to get quicker results. In case a trader doesn’t find what he is looking for, h/she can opt to contact eXbino via live chat, email and telephone lines.

eXbino support is available in Polish, English, Russian, Czech and German.

Their Account Managers are both professional and friendly, with a wide expertise in the binary options. Their education they provide depends on the customer. Training’s, webinars, private trading lessons, investing strategies, binary tips and signals, introducing brokerage… The list goes on to cater
every investor’s needs.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, eXbino has its tongue where its brains are. The binary option platform delivers big time on its promises. It impressed with its excellent trading platform, impeccable support system, and specifically with those mouth-watering bonuses. Take a look for yourself!

Strong Points
●  Payouts up to 90% on regular Binary Options, up to 350% on High Yield Type Options
●  FREE Trading Devices for VIP Customers
●  Professional Chart Analysis Tool
●  Great financial liability
●  Outstanding support
●  Flawless online reputation
●  Up to 5% additional profit


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