BitPlutos Review


Location: Gibraltar, A British Overseas Territory

Founded: 2015

Min Deposit: 0.1BTC

US Clients: Yes

The Owner: Exclusive Ltd.



BitPlutos is a unique binary options broker when one peeks into its profile. To start with one key feature is the binary option platform exclusively relies on Bitcoin as its means to offer option trading. The emerging decentralized digital currency, which has lately gained traction in forex trading markets, also displays an immense potential in binary options trading. Moreover, Bitcoin allows people to trade assets anonymously without banks and government controls.

BitPlutos adopts Bitcoin’s distinctive capabilities and integrates them into the existing trading infrastructure of finance markets. As a result, what traders receive in the end is an anonymous and effective binary options trading platform to trade Bitcoin against currencies, commodities, stocks and indices.

BitPlutos is a brand launched in May 2015 by Exclusive Ltd, a binary options tycoon that has been around for 5 years. Despite its short history, It has built an excellent reputation among online traders throughout those months, with its flawless payouts history, superior customer care and a wide range of Bitcoin assets. Fully regulated, it is praised by investors and respected by competitors, BitPlutos is a safe bet both for new and experienced traders. It is also the very first binary options platform with Bitcoin and for Bitcoin, therefore, there is no KYC. That’s right, you are fully anonymous with them!

Trading Platform

BitPlutos offers a 100% web-based proprietary trading platform, featuring every basic trading feature that can be expected from a reliable trading company.

There are approximately 200 tradable assets available at the platform to trade on, including some of the hot assets from currency and stock markets. They can be traded simply without needing to navigate to other pages. Traders can easily select their preferred assets, their expiry time; alongside the amount (in Bitcoin) they are willing to invest. The trading platform accordingly displays the potential payout that can be made if the asset moves in traders’ preferred direction within the selected timespan. If it does, the trader receives the promised payout instantly in Bitcoins.

As we tried this platform, we found it extremely simple and interactive to use. We believe that new Bitcoin traders would particularly like BitPlutos trading platform for its simplified outlook. It also comes with some really likable features to manage trades, which enables traders to sell back their options, duplicate their positions, delay their expiry time, as well as study graphs in enlarged formats.

At BitPlutos, traders can also trade according to varying strategies, which include pairs, long-term, short-term, one touch, ladder, as well as FX/CFD trading.



BitPlutos keeps introducing attractive yet reasonable bonus plans to help traders benefit from their trading ventures. The first and the foremost Bonus Plan that comes with this binary trading service is “Welcome Bonus”. As the name says, this bonus is given to anyone who is making his/her first deposit into BitPlutos, and varies between 50-100% as per the amount of deposit.

In addition to the Welcome Bonus, BitPlutos offers a quite distinctive “Exchange Bonus”. The details of this plan can be read here.



BitPlutos has a dedicated education center for traders who are still new to both Bitcoin and binary options trading. The section covers almost every basic to advanced aspect of online trading in the form of eBooks, videos and other courses. In addition to this, BitPlutos constantly publish articles and market reviews to update traders with fundamental and technical facets of the binary option and Bitcoin market.


Other Features

The additional features that come along with BitPlutos binary option trading services include everything from quick and easy payouts to full/partial anonymity. We have listed them as follows for a better clarity:

  • Quick and easy deposits/withdrawals, thanks to Bitcoin
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Diverse range of assets
  • VIP accounts with unique features (on request)
  • Spot trading available
  • Additional Bonuses
  • Full/Partial Anonymity for traders


Closing Thoughts

Innovative, simple and reliable are the few words that can describe the overall persona of BitPlutos as a next-generation binary trading platform. It is meant for anyone who doesn’t want to go through the existing legal checkpoints to enjoy the benefits of online trading. Overall, this is a platform for true Bitcoin lovers. It makes you anonymous and rich at the same time.

Strong Points
● Payouts up to 82% on regular Binary Options, up to 700% on High Yield Type Options, up to 53% on Bitcoin assets
● 9 different Bitcoin assets
● You can buy Bitcoins from them without fees/commissions
● Full anonymity of the investor
● Free Trading Devices for VIP Customers (Ipads, Iphones, MacBooks)
● Efficient binary signals issued by trading professionals (over 80% efficiency)
● Great financial liability, instant withdrawals
● Outstanding support 24/7
● Flawless online reputation
● up to 5% additional profit for VIP customers, no risk trades for newbies, strategies, webinars
● Free Strategy Advisor for beginners and Spot Follow for VIPs


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