About Midwest

About Us

NewsBTC Midwest a new regional franchise in the growing NewsBTC organization. Our parent company was founded in October 2013 with the goal of educating and informing those curious about Bitcoin. Our Midwest franchise not only builds on their success, but enables digital and decentralized technology news to reach further into our region. Our goal is to publish useful news articles, interviews, and other bits of information that help you better understand bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Editorial Vision

Our editorial vision is to deliver hard-hitting news and reporting that builds trust and a large loyal following. We share the awesome startups and projects the regional bitcoin community is working on. We also aim at publishing news and information about the most popular altcoins. There’s so much innovation going on in the field of cryptocurrencies!

The forming of this franchise serves to fill in the void of reporting on the smaller startups with brilliant ideas that just don’t get the coverage we think they deserve by the larger global outlets, but that we are able to report on. The cryptocurrency space is growing so quickly and is accessible to anyone with the desire to build a market solution that the larger news outlets can’t cover it all.

Building Our Team

NewsBTC Midwest is also looking for writers from the region to report on their local bitcoin meetups and events. Since the Midwest is so large, with semi-autonomous bitcoin scenes, our vision is to have at least one writer for every major metropolitan area. If you are interested please send your articles and inquiries our way. You can find our info on the Contact Page.

NewsBTC coverage has been mentioned in publications the likes of TechCrunch, CNN, Forbes, Business Insider, and others. We are gaining momentum around the world, so it’s a great place to explore your writing talents.


We are not “experts” and don’t claim to be. NewsBTC Midwest hopes that our great readers will point out our mistakes when we make them. We’ll correct them ASAP. Our goal of becoming the most trusted news source, keeps us from “link-baiting” or sensationalism. We produce real stories about bitcoin and digital currencies as the industry is evolving. We also make it a point to provide sources, so you can check our sources.

We do not endorse using Bitcoin for the use of any illegal activities, and we take no responsibility for your actions in any form as a result of reading what has been posted on us.newsBTC.com. Always use your best judgement!


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