Can Indian EVMs Emulate Utah’s Blockchain Based Voting System

Bitcoin started off as a digital currency about 8 years ago. Today, the same digital currency and its underlying technology named blockchain has endless applications. Originally created to provide a decentralized solution to hold and transfer funds by eliminating trusted third parties like the government and banking institutions, the same technology is now being used to form governments.

Blockchain-based voting is an easy secure and a transparent way to conduct elections. The application of blockchain technology in elections has been around for a while now, except that it was not used on a big enough scale to become noticeable. The Republican party of Utah, United States has changed all of that now.

The Republican Party had implemented the blockchain based voting technology to elect a candidate for the presidential elections. This move has put the State of Utah in the books of Bitcoin history as the first state to implement online blockchain based voting technology in its elections.

The blockchain based voting system for the elections that were held yesterday was supplied by a London-based blockchain technology firm – Smartmatic. Smartmatic is an international blockchain solutions provider with presence in 8 differ countries. The company has also had experience implementing the blockchain technology for voting in 6 of these 8 countries. But this is the first time Smartmatic has provided the technology for complete online voting over blockchain in a large scale political election.

Republicans belonging to the State of Utah constituency were provided two options to cast their vote. Either they could walk into the nearest polling booth and cast their vote in a regular fashion or register online on the party website and cast the vote sitting in front of their computers. Once the voter registers on the site, the voter’s information would be verified to check whether that person is part of the Utah State Republican party or not. Once verified, the voter receives a cryptographic key to be used to cast the online ballot. Once the vote is submitted, it can’t be changed.

The use of online blockchain based voting system can be used make the whole voting process easy. It will also allow every eligible voter to exercise their right from no matter where they are on the day of the election. India already plays an important role in facilitating elections in many countries by supplying Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). These voting machines can be further improved by implementing blockchain technology based solutions.

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