India Now Has Its Own Edition of NewsBTC

newsbtc india

NewsBTC, the well-known bitcoin news and resource website is proud to announce the launch of the Indian edition of its publication. The new edition is part of the NewsBTC Global Franchise Program.

The Indian edition of NewsBTC will be committed to reporting the latest news from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sector across the world, targeted more towards the Indian audience. The Indian edition will now be available in two versions, NewsBTC India in English and NewsBTC Bharat in Hindi.

India is one of the emerging superpowers. The country’s economy is growing at a rapid pace. As the country continues to make a mark in various sectors across the world, cryptocurrency is still in its nascent stages. However, given the nature of commitment shown by a handful of Bitcoin companies in the country, the sector holds a lot of promise and future potential.

We are committed to bringing the latest news, reviews, events and more to the global Bitcoin community. The franchises are created in order to increase our reach so that everyone, irrespective of language or geographical location may understand and access information about the latest happenings in the sector. We look forward to having a great relationship with our audience and hope to build more along the way.

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