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Block Size Issue Leads to Increased Miner Fee for Bitcoin Transactions No Comments

The Bitcoin network has been facing some issues with respect to transactions lately. These issues mainly related to smaller block size and increased transactions led to a backlog in transactions, making transactions take longer than usual to be confirmed on the blockchain. Bitcoin block-size has been fixed at 1 MB since it became operational. The 1 Mb limit was set in those initial days when th...


IBM Blockchain Tech Might Help Upgrade Indian FinTech Industry No Comments

The century old tech firm, IBM has been at the forefront of almost all the technological revolutions to date. The company doesn't want that to change now. After realizing the potential of bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology, the company forayed into crypto-tech and it has been working with governments and other institutions in this regard. Recently, IBM has decided to make use of i...


Europol Teams up with Chainalysis to Fight Cyber Crime No Comments

Europe has had mixed feelings about Bitcoin since the terrorist attacks in Paris. Soon after the attacks, there were unconfirmed reports stating the use of bitcoin by terrorists. One of the hacktivist groups went a step further claiming to have successfully accessed the systems belonging to the terrorists containing terrorist funds. Following these claims, ministers from European Union nations ...


Bitcoin Classic May Have Met Its End in the Hands of Bitcoin Roundtable No Comments

Bitcoin Classic became the latest Bitcoin Improvement Proposal targeted towards block-size increase to get shot down by the community. This time, it was the bitcoin Roundtable, a consortium of Bitcoin mining community, wallet providers, exchanges and other businesses which announced its withdrawal of support to Bitcoin Classic. According to the announcement, the Bitcoin Roundtable is not ready ...