ActionCrypto – Bitcoin Binary Options Platform


ActionCrypto is a binary options platform that allows cryptocoin enthusiasts to take a position on the

likely future price movements of bitcoin without actually having to buy or sell bitcoin as a tangible

asset. It does this by offering its clients the ability to purchase options contracts, which have a

payout associated with them. If a trader purchases the right contract in the right timeframe, they are

rewarded with their initial investment and a payout (described as a multiple of their initial capital



The company’s platform is entirely web-based, with a clean, simple and intuitive interface. On

launch, a user is presented with the latest bitcoin price, a real-time price chart that takes its data

from a range of exchanges and the action window – the part of the platform that a user interacts

with in order to actually place trades.

Unique operability

One of the things that sets ActionCrypto apart from a number of its binary options competitors that

also provide bitcoin as a tradable asset is the fact that the platform is entirely bitcoin based. A user

can trade nothing but bitcoin contracts on the company’s platform, and they must buy the contract

(and also receive payouts) in BTC. Since BTC is anonymous, this allows ActionCrypto to display

current open contracts from other clients on its homepage. From this, users can gain insight into the

bias held by other market operators.


A major advantage of this platform is its security. All options exist on the block chain, and

ActionCrypto is simply serving as a market maker. For this reason, the company needs not store or

hold any personal information concerning its clients – meaning no login or password details need be

used. Further, and perhaps more importantly, a user need not deposit any BTC to an account with

keys that the user doesn’t control. In the binary options industry, where there are numerous

companies that have drawn concern as far as withdrawals are concerned, this is surely a major



Support is available via email 24 seven, as well as through a support form at the company’s website.


Pricing is extremely competitive, with aggressive premiums offered, instant payouts (once the initial

purchase has two confirmations) and zero fees – ActionCrypto pay all mining costs associated with a



Finally, the company is 100% transparent and verifiable – a factor that, again, is not always seen in

the binary options industry. ActionCrypto uses prices from the four largest and most reputable

bitcoin exchanges – Bitfinex,Bitstamp, Okcoin and BTC-E – and offers its bank address on its website

for users to verify.


ActionCrypto is one of the first companies to offer a 100% bitcoin based binary options trading

platform, and it is one of the best we’ve seen so far. Interface, operability, transparency and pricing

are all market leading factors, and so traders who wish to avoid the more traditional binary options

broker but also want to gain access to BTC options, this looks to be a great alternative.